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Jul 24, 2018  
ทัวร์ญี่ปุ่น ควอลิตี้ ทัวร์ จีน ญี่ปุ่น


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Enjoy some muddy mayhem at Korea fest until July 22

Daecheon Beach is the largest beach on Korea’s west coast and is well known for its nutrient-rich mud that has health benefits for the skin. Welcoming thousands of international visitors every year, this year’s festival guarantees a variety of fun-packed activities along with lively events in celebration of its 21st anniversary from July 13 to 22. Don’t miss this opportunity to join in on the excitement of fun with mud as well as your chance to see K-Pop performances! Boryeong Mud Festival is packed with unique and exciting mud-themed activities ranging from games to sports, arts and craft, and skin therapy. Head to the Giant Mud Bath located at the Mud Square and participate in recreational activities perfect for friends and families as well as pampering yourself with a mud massage. You can also enjoy crafting activities like making mud soaps and miniature character figures or take the challenge to pass through a mud maze as fast as you can. Make sure you get at least a bit of mud on you as soon as you arrive at the festival grounds or you’ll risk being locked up in the Mud Prison with other “mud-less” visitors. - Venues: Daecheon Beach Mud Square & Namgok-dong Mudflat Experience Site, Citizens’ Tower Plaza, etc. - Mud Square experience hours: 9:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.

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What next for North Korea? US, Japan and South Korea will decide in Tokyo meeting

At best, the growing number of Chinese arrivals South Korea received last month could be seen as evidence for a relatively strong growth of Chinese independent travel to South Korea. Anything other than growth would have been a huge disappointment The reason is simple: March 2018 is the first month that is compared to a post-travel ban month in year-over-year terms, hence it’s showing positive growth. Prior months have all been compared to pre-travel ban months when Chinese tourism to South Korea was still booming. In other words, anything other than at least moderately positive YoY growth last month would have been an enormous disappointment. It is also unclear if South Korea’s Ministry of Justice’s figures are calculated differently from those of the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), which normally is the department to report South Korean tourism statistics. KTO has yet to release its arrival figures for March. In comparison, KTO reported 360,782 Chinese arrivals in March 2017 and 601,671 in the same period 2016. Even though March is far from a return to pre-travel ban levels, it does give South Korean tourism stakeholders reason for optimism. Despite indications that a lifting of the travel ban was imminent, Chinese travel to South Korea is still limited to independent travelers, including business travelers. In other words, if nothing changes, all the growth in the months to come will be from Chinese independent travelers—a market segment that is more profitable and less sensitive to diplomatic disputes. South Korea’s travel ban has undoubtedly been bad news for its tourism sector, but stakeholders can take some solace in that it is most likely accelerating the shift toward Chinese independent travel to the country.

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